Digital excellence is available for everyone

stead. specialises in bringing digital excellence to your business. It's all about designing a solution to replace something within your business. We all have things in our business which use up resources, which don't need to. Let us help you to do less and get more

Increasing sales

Digitising your business can increase sales in two ways: by allowing you to spend more time on sales and less time on other non-value adding activities, or by attracting customers with innovations

Saving costs

Whilst it costs businesses to implement digital systems, we ensure that these costs are offset by savings in the business. These savings usually come from better efficiency and better ways of managing processes and systems

Repurposing resources

Implementing digital systems allows staff who were busy with administrative or menial tasks to refocus their skills onto value adding activities

Let's get practical

Some case studies to illustrate digital excellence from stead.

"An integrated loyalty app with a booking system means people are automatically incentivised to come back"


Loyalty, booking and order system

In the hospitality industry, the world is moving towards a more digital space. We create a platform which allows customers to make orders from their seats, integrated with POS. We can then integrate this with an online booking system, as well as a loyalty system to make sure the customers keep coming back

"An automatic system which tracks performance, awards good behaviour and inspires people to compete"


Making KPIs competitive in industry

In industry, KPIs can sometimes mean different things to different levels. We create a platform which allows teams to compete against each other and watch their progress every second. The automatic system inspires people to do the best they can, win awards at set levels, and form a track record to beat

"An automated system for responding to basic queries, and passing only the complicated one back to you"

Reporpusing resources

Social media management

All major businesses these days have strong social media presence, and have to spend a great deal of time responding to basic queries. A smart chat system allows the most basic queries to be quickly answered at all hours of the day, whilst still passing off the important ones to keep that personal touch