This is our promise

99.9% Uptime

How can you use it if it's not available? Our promise is that your service will be up for 99.9% of the time

Ready in less than 1 second

How can you use it if you can't see it? Our promise is that your service will be ready for input within 1 second

Useable without a manual

How can you use it if you don't know how? Our promise is that your service will be useable by someone new without complicated training or manuals

We verify all of our promises with the latest independent tools

We believe in four pillars of good performance

How can things be simple if they don't even work well? How can users interact with a platform if they're always waiting for it? They can't



At stead., we love to solve the right problems. By solving the right problem and nothing more, we ensure there is less to take away from the solution. Efficient, and effective which gives us good performance



By designing with the user, we create a solution that is intuitive and easy to use. A design should cater for a smooth user experience and thus excellence performance



How do you achieve all these things and still deliver a product in time? The key at stead. is innovation. We use the latest tech to ensure a great user experience without overcomplicating things



We believe that by building on the experience of others we build taller and quicker. A catch-all solution often speeds up time in the beginning, but slows you down at the end. We design solutions that meet you where you are